Cubase 5 MIDI problem

Hey, guys. Yep. Still using 5, because it does all I need it to. But I have an occasional MIDI problem. I’m using an EMU Longboard which comes into my PC by USB, but sometimes when I try and record with it I get random - or no - MIDI notes. I can, say, repeatedly hit a D and the VSTi plugin will play notes up and down the keyboard even though I’m not playing them. It’s not just certain plugins, either. If I’m having this problem it will occur on any VSTi that I use.

Is this a common thing?

Is there a solution?

Am I being an idiot?

I don’t beleive it is a common problem or we would see a bunch of complaining about it. My suggestion would be to check and ensure you have the latest driver for your device loaded.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Ta. Yeah. I’m running the newest driver. I’ve got a new PC coming in a few days, so maybe that’ll solve the issues…