Cubase 5 midi recording problem win8


I have a problem about recording a midi. I installed cubase 5 to win8 and I am using vst instruments. When I try to play the vst instruments with the keyboard everything is alright without no delay. By the way I am using m-audio fast track pro sound card. But when I try to record what I am playing, there happens some troubles. Some keys are recorded like I am using sustain pedal (but I don’t) or mostly it records the keys to the further measures (not to the exact meaure). I was using the same vst intstruments and same cubase version on another laptop (win7) and everything was ok.
How can I fix this problem?

Please help,
Thanks a lot

I am assuming your Win8 is 64 bit. When I had a fast track pro, and upgraded to a 64 bit OS, they were still releasing beta drivers for it on 64bit Windows. None of them ever worked very well and crashed often (blue screen of death).
Then, they just stopped releasing new betas and I never saw any sign of progress and after waiting a couple of months I assumed they just gave up on it because it was an old product anyway. I bought a new interface.

My point is that I don’t believe there ever was a successful 64 bit driver for Win7 and Win8 wasn’t even out yet, I believe. Maybe Win8 is using a generic class compliant type driver that isn’t suitable.