Cubase 5 - missing Groove Agent and pluggins after update

hey guys

so i did the last Cubase 5 update recently - and just realized it seems to have somehow deleted or misplaced (?) all my Groove Agent banks and also all presets for various other pluggins such as ping pong delay, compressor etc.

In the “Steinberg Media technologies” folder - there’s folders for compressor, Groove agent one, multiband compressor, ping pong delay and REVerence - all folders now empty…

any ideas what happened or what to do? can i reinstall just banks?


Hi folks,
Sorry if this is off topic - don’t know where else to go. My Cubase 5 is missing the ‘show inspector’ icon in the toolbar I have tried everything but can’t fins any way to get it back. I am running cubase 5 with win7.

The manual says " If the Inspector is hidden, click the Show Inspector button on the toolbar.’ but there is no icon to select to ‘unhide’ the inspector.
Thnak yuo in advance.