Cubase 5 Missing Plugin - is it possible to see the version?

Hello everybody, I’m a cubase 5 user, and I happened to update my Arturia Jupiter 8V2 plugin. This might sound crazy, I know, but I’m sure it doesn’t sound like the older version I had, it’s different somehow and I’d like the older version back. Not just this, but I had some settings which I didn’t save as a preset, and Cubase isn’t recognizing the new version as an updated one, rather as a all new plugin. Obviously, replacing the plugin on the track doesn’t get my settings back on the “new” jupiter.

I didn’t save the old project after replacing the vst, so when I open it, cubase still asks for the old plugin. What I’m asking is, is there a way to see WHICH version cubase is looking for, so that I might try and find it somehow, solving both my problems? Or, at least (but I’d rather not) “convince” cubase to reuse its project settings on the updated jupiter?

Thank you a lot!