Cubase 5 Missing Plugins


all the usual plugins are working that come bundled with Cubase 5 but I’ve put some SX3 plugins in a valid location (Library/Audio/Plugins/VST) and they are showing up in the Plugin Information but are not visible to select in the Insert or Send slots of an audio track. I’ve checked the VST2 Paths (which are ok) and tried to “Update” in the Plug-in Information window but no luck. I’ve also checked and reset the permissions of all the SX3 .vst plug-ins. I know the new effects are probably better but it’s for my older mixes so I don’t have to start from scratch for every song.

Anyone any ideas? Any help appreciated.

The SX3 plugins would not be 64 bit and the OS would need to still support Power PC for them to even have a chance at working. They are not designed to work in C5 and I would not expect any of them to work in C5.

Personally, I would suggest either completing the mix in your old SX3 system or mixing in C5 with the new plugins (which I do think sound much better than the SX3 ones did). I’d also suggest using presets to help you save time on loading replacement plugins.