Cubase 5 Mixdown Problem

Hi, I’m trying to export my files but it never seems to get right.

Recently I was trying to mixdown a 5 track file; 4min 30 sec lengh into an mp3.

What happens is that the export time begins with 5 secs or so, then at some point boosts to more than 20mins, and almost stays like that so, in the end, it takes over 30 mins or so to get a simple track done. + Cubase crashed after exporting.

I played the result, it seemed to work, then it turns out the tracks are not inserted properly, like,

  1. vsti piano gets cut out(?), disappears? as the beat begins. and stays like that (no problem with playing in cubase as midi form)

  2. funny thing is that the beat is made of Battery 3 + audio files (not a single track)

  3. Interesting thing is that I could not wait longer on my 3rd attempt, so I shut downed the process while it was only a third way done, with 20 mins more to go, and tried playing the unfinished result… and it sounded quite like what I waited a full 30mins for. (was is a hurry so this is not exact.)

It’s really frustrating that the result of half an hour of waiting is this…

Is there a way to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

In addition, I tried formatting, and re-installing. The pc repair guy said it might be a mainboard problem and maybe I should buy a new pc (from his company.)
The guy who helped me install Cubase (a pro btw) said technically my pc specs are good and maybe the repair guy is just trying to sell a new pc.

It’s so confusing cause I can’t pin down what the problem is.

how many free RAM do you got actually on your PC? do you got a lot of other programs on the hard disk of your computer?