Cubase 5 mixer channels un-enabling record upon selecting a different channel

Has anyone experienced in Cubase 5 in a Win7 32bit environment, mixer channels
dis-enabling record when one selects a different channel. This is especially evident using a Tascam 2400 controller since the faders are all touch sensitive . Without a mixer like that in place, it still occurs since one has to select a specific channel if one wants to tweak anything like EQ etc… In other words, let’s say chans. 1-4 on the mixer are all enabled to record (all 4 red buttons) and while you’re recording on all four channels, having punched record on the transport, you decide to tweak the record level on let’s say channel 2. All is normal doing this but if you decide to go to a further channel for tweaking, channel 2 that you just tweaked will go out of enable/record. This will occur with every channel that you go to after this until all the channels you adjusted are now all dis-enabled except the last channel you adjusted. Crazy. This doesn’t happen in Nuendo with the same scenario before jumping to another fader. Has anyone experienced this? If you have, were you able to get around this Cubase 5 thing? If this bug is inherent to C5 looks like I just have to stick with the older Nuendo. Thanks in advance even if you don’t have a workaround for this royal pain in the neck.

Check the pref
Enable Record on Selected Audio Track