Cubase 5 Moving tracks + signature track

Hello ,

Propabley this is fot you guy’s an easy one , but last night I spend hours on this one , can’t figure it out , so please help me out;

I need to create a bigger gap between 2 songs to put in a sample, so I select all tracks , and use the “move to cursor” everything moves to the cursor …also the tempo track , but not the signature track (that is also highlighted).

What am I doing wrong over here ?

Thank you in advance


I don’t know if you’re talking about the time signature track, but if you are you can perhaps try the Open Process Bars dialogue from the tempo track editor. Here you can add bars without changing any subsequent time signatures you might have in the time signature track.

I just logged in to say that I found the answer … finally … hehe …
indeed , add bars in the process bars dialog did the trick.

I have created the gap I need to put in my sample,
and everything tempo,signatures and files moved over to the right and are all still in sync

Thanks anyway :wink:

Cool! Glad I got it right!