cubase 5 / nanokontrol 2

hello! I just bought Nanokontrol2, and now using it with Korg MicroKey & Cubase 5.
I managed to adjust the knobs & faders, so they are responding to VST instruments/effects on the screen.
BUT I found out, it’s not always working so well. Like now; I have FreeAlpha synth, and I wanted to have knob3 to respond to Detune, BUT it also changes Oscillator 1 - even it’s not at all on my list in Device Setup/Generic Remote. How to fix that? It happened with other instruments also.

Another thing; now when nanoKontrol2 is connected to Cubase, for some reason the Pitch & Mod wheels of microKey are not anymore responding! :open_mouth: How to make those working again together with nanoKontrol2 ???
I also wrote to Korg forum (first about the problem to connect well the systems together, but after about this same subject as here now):

??? no-one here knows? It’s probably common Cubase problem, not only Cubase 5, but I had to choose one are to post this (sadly, one of those which people read less).

I am still looking the answer for this. It’s annoying, because I cannot really control the system as I would like to…

Bumping your post and FWIW…
I tried for a few years to get my NanoKontrol2 to work as I thought it should. It worked sporadically and I had to keep re-setting it up. IMO it was not worth the effort. So now, it is in storage somewhere around here.

Regards :sunglasses: