Cubase 5 " NI Massive" automation issues

hey guys, i have an issue that is really causing me a headache. My “Massive Macro Knob” automation vanishes after reopening a saved project, what i have done is i accidentally deleted an instrument couple days ago, I did not notice it and saved my project. When i opened it next day i realized what a mistake i made so to fix it, I went to a backup save pulled the midi from there (just straight pulled from one project to another) and then i had the massive sound patch saved previously so opened that and i was ready to go. I have spent an entire days of studio session yesterday, the whole project was almost done, i saved it again and when i opened it today, all of the automation sub-windows were grayed out, once i clicked on them and selected the starred preference that should have current automation, had automation that came from from the back up save, even though i have a made a ton of changes and altered to where it wasnt even similar anymore, therefore i lost all of the work.

I guess at this point i just want to understand what is happening, is there a way for me to get it back, since after making changes to massive macro knob automation, the project was safely saved so would assume the information should be retrieved somehow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

P.S. under that same Midi instrument i have made Volume and Pan automation as well, but are not a part of the instrument but a part of cubase mixer and that automation is just how i left the edits.

anyone ?