Cubase 5 not broadcasting MIDI events to keyboard

Hello, fellow musicians,

I’m using Cubase 5.5.3 on Windows 7 (64-bit) to control a Korg Triton Extreme’s 16-track sequencer with MIDI. My audio interface is MOTU’s UltraLite-mk3.

In Cubase, I’ve set up automation to change the volume and panning of the Triton’s instruments throughout the song. If I play from the beginning, all the instruments perform correctly. I can see the Triton sequencer’s mixing knobs move as they respond to Cubase’s signals.

However, if I stop anywhere in the timeline and play from that point, the Triton sequencer no longer obeys Cubase. Instead, the volume and panning sliders set themselves to some new values and stay there until I go back to the beginning of the piece. Cubase and the Triton talk to each other properly only if I play through from the beginning each time. This suggests to me that Cubase is not chasing its own events, even though I have the chase options turned on in the preferences.

By the way, I’ve already checked in the List Editor that the MIDI clips don’t contain volume / panning commands. I’m using the automation curves only to control those parameters.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Do you have any fixes, workarounds, solutions, tips … ? Thanks in advance.