Cubase 5 not reading elicense on Win 10


I looked through the postings but couldn’t anything on this issue.

My old XP desktop finally died. I’ve been running Cubase 5 on it. I want to install Cubase 5 on my Win 10 laptop. I’ve got the USB Steinberg key with the license on it.

I installed elicenser, latest version, on the laptop. Worked fine. It showed my Cubase license.

I installed Cubase 5 from the disc. When I started up Cubase 5 for the first time (with USB key in there), the startup screen didn’t make it past the “initializing LCC” message. It just hung there. I checked elicenser and it wasn’t showing my license, just a message that it was reading for licenses. I’ve attached a screenshot of that.

Is there a common fix for this that I am missing?

Aready tied re-installing the latest eLCC software (after you installed Cubase 5)?