cubase 5 not working properly since upgrading to windows 10

Only program affected on my system was cubase 5 orange midi signal bar on panel is flickering constantly and as soon as you click on a midi instrument in side bar audio drops very quiet worked fine on windows 7 any1 know the cure to my problem
Or do I need an upgrade to get going again gutted

I don’t see that Cubase 5 is supported on the Win10 list.

The last version of Windows that I can see it “officially” supports is Win Vista but as you say, it works on Win7, and I run Cubase4 on Win7 with no problems.

Thanks for reply I’m wondering which version I will need to upgrade to to get going again don’t need all features of 8.5 pro just making dance tunes on it adding audio tracks n vsts nothing to fancy

Well just tried to revert back to windows 7 made no difference soon as u click a vst audio drops quiet midi flickering away confused now just can’t understand it if it worked on 7 before what did windows 10 do to my computer going to try going back to 10 n scrap cubase and count my losses I reckon

I’ve heard numerous things about reverting back to Win7 from Win10 having issues, that’s why I haven’t made the jump yet.

Personally, I always make an image before doing anything drastic like changing an OS.

To answer your question about what to upgrade to, probably Cubase Elements 8 would be the cheapest way to go, not sure if there is an upgrade path but the full version is only $124 Can, but even then, I think you should try fixing your current issue if possible first, would be a bummer to get a new version and find it doesn’t work either.

I probably get the elements 8 hopefully that will cure it going to try different usb on the keyboard and do a reset on keyboard took 10 mins to revert back to 7 n it’s tacking ages to get 10 back on had about 20 vinyl on bored now gonna watch con air on telly n pray it’s finished soon Cheers 4 advice m8

Try a trial version before purchasing.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks prok I’ve just got 30 day trial of elements 8 worked fine keyboard working fine was worth it to try it out I will be wanting full version of 8 or better I think to get me back playing at least i can rest assured it works cubase 5 is so messed up sinse windows ten update missing files audio dropouts scrambled all my work up but thanks for advise every1 looks like an upgrade is the only way to get back on track beware of windows 10 on older versions of cubase every1 there’s no going back I had restore point n lot didn’t make blind bit of difference

Cool, enjoy :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses: