Cubase 5 on a new pc?

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’ve had my xp 32 system for years now and its time to buy a new pc. I run Cubase 5 with the latest update and plan to install it on a new pc.

i7 quad core prossecor
32 Gb DDR
Win7 Pro 64 Bit.
Saffire Pro 14 Soundcard
Two 2TB hard drives.

My question is will Cubase 5 run ok on this spec. I have been advised to upgrade to Cubase 7 but I’m wanting to put my hard earned cash into the hardware side of things. Thx in advance for your help.


As you surely know, the system requirements for Cubas 5 can be found on the box.

Thx for your reply, my question is answered :slight_smile: Cubase 7 upgrade it is then.

Cubase 5 does work on Win 7 though from V. 5.1.1. or higher, if that was your main concern…

Yeah, I was thinking that, what made me post was I’ve been told with a “new” computer, components, technology etc I wouldnt get a fully true perfomance out of version 5. Have you any thoughts on that? Thx :slight_smile: I could go for the upgrade, but I was banking on pushing a bit more on the computer hardware side of things.

My very personal thought (and nothing else): Of course you will get performance out of C5 - C7 at the moment still is a PITA (My personal thought). And C7 compared to C5 will need more of your computer´s power. It all depends on what you do and use Cubase for.
You can download the trial and compare yourself though.

thinkingcap, many thx for your opinion, and for taking the time to help out. Maybe this will also help others out too.

I run Cubase 5.0 on my win 7 and it works great

Hi Matz, thx man. I was given some info about the hardware side of things, technology etc and was lead to believe that I wouldn’t get the best performance out of it. Your reply along with thinkingcap has put my mind at ease. Thanks!