Cubase 5 on yosemite

Does anyone know how to install Cubase 5 on Yosemite?

I have all my CDs and eLicenser but doesn’t install anymore.

Kind Regards
Emerson ëCello

I’m having the same problem just got a new mac and can’t install cubase 5 :
and stein berg doesn’t seem to have a solution to that problem…

I am sorry to say but Cubase 5 is simply not Yosemite compatible and the combination is also not supported. The only official solution would be to update to the current Cubase Pro 8 in this case.

can i upgrade it to cubase pro 8 without having cubase 5 installed on my mac?
or should i buy cubase pro 8 full version?

Yes, even updates always include a full program installer. Only the Cubase 5 license on the USB-eLicenser is required. So the update would be perfectly fine. You can also check the trial for Cubase Pro 8 before buying as you already have a USB-eLicenser.

Thank you so much for your help!