Cubase 5, Output Bus Error, Please Help.

Hello all, over the past 3 months i’ve posted this problem across various forums and haven’t even had so much as a reply which i don’t mind, but i really cannot fix this on my own, despite trying solidly for months now.

3 months ago i got 5.1 surround sound, i dont have an audio card, im using my on board audio which only has 3 jacks (red, blue and green) now thats all fine an well cause my sub + center is running through pink, Front L+R through green and Rear L+R through Blue (i have a seperate usb connector for recording) However, i can only get audio to come through all 6 speakers if i use the “ASIO Full Duplex Driver” Which as im sure you all know makes live recording a practical impossibility not to mention i got a horrific amount of artifacts the second i start using a decent amount of vst’s etc. as its just not all that good.

So as i had always used before i got the surround sound, i tried “ASIO4ALL” which is great as far as latency is concerned and so on, BUT, no matter how i configure cubase 5.1 i can only get audio to come out of 2 speakers at a time, in the “VST connections” panel if i add any new busses, it makes no difference, audio still only comes out of the default stereo bus, and if i remove the default stereo bus, i lose audio all together, and from then on adding new busses makes no difference, i still remain “audioless” and the only way i can get audio back is if i restart cubase, which leads me straight back to getting audio out of 2 speakers only.

I have the option of 6 different channels (HD audio 1-6) and from the default stero bus (which is HD Audio 1 and 2 by default) i can change it to any number I.E - i can change it use HD Audio 3+4 which gives me my center and sub but no Front L+R and no Rear L+R

No matter how i set it up in ASIO4ALL i either only get output from 2 channels or i lose audio all together, meaning the years of music ive created can only be listened to with horrific artifacts in the case of the “Full duplex Driver” or out of 2 channels only in the Case of the “ASIO4ALL” driver.

Its killing me because i now have no way of creating music or even listening to the stuff i’ve already made, ive tried numerous other asio drivers but they all have the same problem. Infact the ONLY driver that gives me output from all 6 speakers is the “Full Duplex” I’m so close to just packing it all in cause its making me so miserable and nothings worked, SO PLEASE any help would be invalubale cause im at my whitts end.

To anyone who read all of this THANK YOU, i know its long but i wanted to be specific.
If you need to know anything else, ask and ill post it straight away, ill be checking this thread very frequently, eagerly awaiting a response.

I know its probably hard to make sense of but im finding it very difficult to specify my problem. I’ve update all my drivers on my computer and many other things like that, but audio is FINE in every other instance, its just ASIO thats giving me a headache.

Take Care. Corin x

anyone please, im so stuck it hurts :frowning: