(Cubase 5) Performance problems


I have been using Cubase 5.1 for a some years ago. Somedays ago I bought a new PC and I’m having performance problems wich I don’t see the point since I have improved both: OS and hardware. The fact is that at Cubase’s navigation bar (F2) performance indicator seems to have gone crazy, going up and down even while playback is stopped.
To make an accurate test, I set the same settings in my sound’s card latency (TC Electronics Konnekt 6) and the performance difference is very large. This are my PCs:

Old pc
Intel Core2Duo 6750
RAM: 4GB Kingston DDR2
Seagate 500gb SATA2
SO: Windows 7 64 bits

New pc
AsRock H87 Pro4
Intel i5 4570
RAM: 8GB DDR3 G-Skillz
Western Digital 1TB SATA3
SO: Windows 8.1 Professional 64bits

Something strange is happening because as I said, performance indicator in Cubase seems to have gone crazy going up and down (from 60% to 20% - 30% back to 50%, itchy red …)

Anyone have an idea of ​​what can be happening?

Thank you and sorry about my english

Did you go from 32-bit to 64-bit Cubase?

If so, are you using any 32-bit plugins?

Also, is there any reason why you haven’t installed the most current version (5.5.3)?


I’m using 32-bit Cubase as I used to on Windows 7. I dont think is something DAW’s realted, I think there is something wrong with my ASIO drivers or the PCI-Firewire card (see image attached, ASIO performance without any plug-in loaded, just a new blank project). My RAM and CPU are fine but the ASIO meter is crazy (constantly varies 30% to 60%, clicks 100 and immediately goes back to 30-60).

Dunno what to test

as you have a bit more ram now, might be a good time to go to x64, otherwise you won’t be using the extra 4gb

  • the ram might be the issue (did you do the /3gb switch on the old PC?) I don’t mean there is anything wrong with the RAM btw.

have you had a look at this:

also, it might be windows 8 - I certainly wouldn’t recommend it right now, it’s unproven and windows 7 works very well. I’d downgrade if I were you.

hope this helps