Cubase 5 Plugins not working correctly.

I have cubase 5 win7 64x
I have many plugins that work correctly whether they be from steinberg or other.

I have:
Deleted Blacklisted file

Updated vst plugin path and info multiple times under “Run as Admin”

Copied and the .DLL files of all the non working plugins
and pasted everywhere I could find the working plugins

still have yet to get any of these to show up in Cubase.
Any suggestions?

Are you using a 32 bit version of Cubase, along with it’s included VSTi’s within a 64 bit operating system? If so, maybe that’s the problem. As far as I know, to use 32 bit software in a 64 bit OS has to be bridged.

Or, was this all working before, and suddenly the VSTi’s disappear from your instruments list?

I’ve had VSTi’s go AWOL on me, but 3rd party one’s I believe. Moving DLL’s usually have done the trick.

You could try refreshing your VSTi’s list, in fact this might be the 1st thing I’d try. I can’t recall the exact options to do this, but it’s somewhere at the top tabs, then a drop down list within cubase.

Im using cubase 64x
ive refreshed and moved .dll’s
ive given up. some of the Third party plugins just arent for cubase, maybe if i was an excellent computer wizard

I wouldn’t give up so easily and so fast!

I’ve had situations where a VSTi was working fine for a while, then out of the blue it wasn’t in my VSTi instruments list. I’d at least try uninstalling/reinstalling the VSTi. I can’t recall a VSTi just not working with Cubase…as long as it was a 32 bit VSTi version, and I selected VST as my install…as opposed to say whatever Cakewalk uses etc.

Of course I don’t know what VSTi you’re using, or where it came from, or whether it’s compatible with your set up…