Cubase 5 Presets - How to Import into 7 ?

Please help, i have backed up my Cubase 5 insert and vst presets but they don’t show up in Cubase 7, does anyone know how to import them ?


Yes they disapeared : see my post and some manual solutions:

the wheel must turn. money also: one day to sell you have to write: ability to create presets in a single xml file and the next day to sell you have to write: possibility of creating independent presets! :wink:

wow, this is pretty ridiculous. pay hundreds of bucks for an update and lose all the presets you’ve painstakingly created and organized in the previous version?

the workaround given in the link is complete bollocks; imagine if someone had hundreds of presets…

shame, steinberg.

Thanks Dup,

I did see your thread but couldn’t believe that was the only solution. Its unforgivable not to atleast support the older presets. I spent bloody ages doing that to quicken my workflow.