Cubase 5 problems

1: I have been having terribly annoying and frustrating time-wasting problems for the last few years with my Cubase, which is running on Windows 7.

Every 5 minutes or so, the program will freeze, no matter what I am doing, and the busy wheel will spin for about 5 minutes… then it will allow me to continue working for another 5 minutes.

If I save a project, it will also take 5 minutes of wheel spinning to allow me to continue.

Any idea what the problem is or how to resolve it. It is enough to drive you insane! Any suggestion would be appreciated… Windows 7 on PC…

  1. I have downloaded and installed a few different plugins to my Steinberg VST plugin folder. I can see them in the folder. but they do not appear in my plugin list, while other that I have also recently installed, do appear… When I go to “plugin information” in DEVICES, and click ADD, to search for the plugin path, it is NOt visible in the folder that I have placed it into. If i click UPDATE on the plugin information page, Cubase will immediately crash… When then starting a project after this, an error will appear that a certain .dll file is missing, and that the program cannot start, but when I close this error message, the program will start… but with the 2 problems listed above… Any help please?