Cubase 5 processor usage problem.

Ok, so this problem is pretty frustrating and it has happened before. This time I have little time so I beg you to reply quickly if you know what’s going on. Also, yes my computer is powerful enough, and no this is not something that concerns my soundcards manufacturer or a problem with the VST software I use, this is 100% Cubase.

So I just updated my soundcards drivers again and suddenly all my songs have stopped working. Let me explain, I have been working on a few tracks for a while now, all of which are mainly using Play64 software. Before I updated my soundcard’s driver, my computers processor usage was about 22% when playing the song in realtime. Now the usage goes up to 99% when I just load up the song. This is something that has happened before, and while I could just copy the notes while I’m at it and make all the sounds again, I really don’t have time. Also, last time this happened, after a few weeks Cubase would freeze if I even tried to open the songs.

Oh and that freezing is something that needs to be fixed as well, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to shut down Cubase from the taskmanager after it’s frozen. I’m tired of always having to restart my computer.

PS. Not 100% sure this has anything to do with updating the drivers. That is however, what I did before it stopped working.

PPS. Copying the tracks from a deactivated version of the song, and then pasting them in an empty project, causes the processor usage to carry over as well, even though the usage remains very low while copying since the project is deactivated. However, copying only the notes in the bars on the sequencer, onto the exact same tracks (created from scratch) in another project (also, created from scratch) does work. The performance returns to normal. But I don’t have time to do this to all tracks so please solve this problem.

The obvious thing to try would be to roll back the computer to the older driver.

Or try doing a backup project to create a new project file.

I can’t roll back. The reason that I updated in the first place was that the previous version stopped functioning in SP1. Also, that’s just a temporary solution. I really hope they fix this. It is very unfortunate to just lose all your previous work because of something like this.

I have had strange behavior and crashes after switching soundcards and updating or changing drivers before as well. The thing that I think you should check is in each project the connections from Cubase to the soundcard. Perhaps in the soundcard update, the “name” or port (or something) was changed so that the way Cubase WAS communicating to the sound card is no longer the same. Since these connections are saved with the project they may need to be fixed. Perhaps try deleting all connections to the sound card and re-establishing them. The soundcard driver IS different and we (probably) don’t know exactly what changed in it so the best practice is to start the connection from scratch. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I am curious why you are convined it is 100% Cubase though. If the sound card driver was perfect, why did it need to be updated?