Cubase 5 Project Gone Quiet

Hey Every1,
So today I am writing as per normal, then I accidentally press a key that makes my whole project very quiet,I can still hear but only just, my master fader is at 0 db but the level coming through is only a small amount, also my soundcard is still at the same volume, when I close this track and reopen another, its all back to normal. I then go back and reopen the 'quiet track and its still quiet… all i did was press a key, i have looked at all the native key commands in the list and cannot find one that would turn my whole track down without using my soundcard or my master fader.
Can somebody please help me…



Are you using the control room? maybe you selected the dim function?

Hey, no I am not using the control room but I may have hit this dim function how do I find this in Cubase to see if it is on or not

As far as I’m aware it’s only available in the control room!

Another possibility could be a bad plugin on the master bus?

I never have any plug on my master bus…ever…
But ill suss this dim function thing out though

You would need to have the control room activated to have access to the dim function!