Cubase 5 Project to Nuendo 3

Hi there.

I’m collaborating on a project with a studio who’s still doing their production in Nuendo 3.

Is there a path to take a project over to N3 from C5?.

The project is basic, just audio and some basic midi with no inserts or EQ. Just tracked drums basically.

I know we could just run out the wave files, but we want to keep the takes and their punch in points.

Any solution for this?


Just a guess but I would think N3 to C5 would work. The other way probably not. Maybe you can do a small project with few tracks just to test this?

Have a look at this knowledge base article:

It shouldn’t be possible to do that.

What I normally do is export the project to .OMF (for audio) and -if necessary- .MID files.

I have done this many times and never encountered any real problems.