Cubase 5 question

So, for the purpose of recording an album, my method would be to make one giant tab of guitar pro with like 8 songs in it (this is an example)

However some songs have different tunnings, so naturally not all songs would sound good in guitar pro since you only have a maximum of tracks you can put before it starts freaking out.

My question is this; in cubase if you were to import a full 8-song guitar pro midi, everything would be mapped out. So the time signatures, tempo changes all that would be there, ready to go. But in my case since different tunnings and maximum number of tracks in guitar pro, I will need to import each song one by one.

When I import each song, it does not map the tempo changes or the time signature changes, it follows whatever the last ‘change’ was with the previous imported midi.

Is there a way so that when I import a midi file and I want it to start at bar 680 (let’s say), everything after 680 will be identical to what it mapped out in the midi/guitar pro file?