Cubase 5 Recording guitar problem

Hi guys, I have an older version of Cubase (5) (have it for 6 years now).
Haven’t used Cubase since then. Anyway, I have connected my electric guitar to the input of an effects pedal (Digitech RP50) and then connected the output from the pedal to the Line-in (blue input port). I cant hear the sound of my guitar directly from the PC speakers, so I am using a double headphone jack on the effects pedal output, I have connected a pair of headphones on one end and connected the other end with the Line-in Input of my PC (as mentioned before).

I have used Audacity so far to record my guitar and it works just fine. No delay/latency and the sound comes out as it should be (when I select a preset on my effects pedal, the sound changes accordingly) both on my headphones and when I hear the thing I’ve recorded. I am very happy so far with this setup, but I would like to use Cubase to play with some VSTs.

I open cubase, but can’t get a signal from my guitar. I can still hear it through the headphones connected to the effect pedal (like a monitor), but I don’t know how to setup the Device Setting on Cubase.

I am a complete noob when it comes to those things, any help would be appreciated.
I have ASIO4ALL installed and ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver, according to Devices >> Device Setup menu in Cubase.

Thanks in advance guys! :smiley: