Cubase 5: recording "what you hear" -- and ignoring it

Hi all!

OK. I control some hardware synths from Cubase 5. No problems so far. I step sequence some external synths and create a new track with input to “Stereo out”. This way I record “what I hear” (live synth tweakings and stuff). So far so good. THEN I move my newly created recording (TRACK #1) to a new playback track, and listen to it. All good.

However, the thing I want to do is this: I want to listen to TRACK #1 and do live recordings of another synth WITHOUT recording TRACK #1. In other words I want to simply LISTEN to TRACK#1 while live recording synth TRACK #2 only (no overdubbing).

I can’t see the problem.

Splain to me better.

First you can’t set the input of a track to stereo out because it doesn’t show up unless you named your input stereo out.

Go in to VSTconnections and rename your buses so they have meaning like triton rack in, or MOX6 out etc.
Makes it a lot easier.

Whatever you route to the input of a track can be heard if you have the monitor button pressed. You don’t have to highlight the track.

So you should hear the track playing back the audio of a synth (if that’s what you’re doing) and still be able to go record or play a different track with different I/O etc.

Yes you can.

@OP: Use a different bus to record from for example…