Cubase 5 resets most of my synths when pressing space bar

i am facing a weird problem with cubase 5.5.3
basically, when i press the space bar or number 1 to go back to the start, my mopho patches sounds get totally messed up, even when switching after that to a different patch everything sounds just weird.
i was suspecting the mopho first, but then it also happened with TC Powercore Virus, and with Korg polysix vst as well!

it does not happen all the time, but because i am using several external hardware synths, real time export becomes a real challenge, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesnt and the final rendered file does not have the patches i selected initially, and instead might have some noise or weird sounds…
i don’t recall facing this issue with 5.5.2

Is there any cubase settings that i can go to and check what kind of CC or midi sysex messages are sent accross all midi channels and ports when doing a “stop” or “play” action in a project?


Maybe the preference “Reset On Stop” is on?

Where can i find this option?

In the preferences

PLease update us on whether this works.

ok, i will try it once i am back from work and will let you know