Cubase 5 sample rate affecting midi playback


I’m a bit new to cubase and I’m having some issues with projects containing MIDI. I’m in uni and I’m having trouble opening projects at home that I’ve started in uni and vice versa. Both are full versions of cubase 5 but the trouble is this, In uni all work needs to be done at 16 bit 44.1k at home i started out working with 24/96. When opening a uni project at home the MIDI playback is really fast it just rushes through unless I convert the sample rate to 96k (even though the project was created in uni at 44.1k). If I try to open home projects in uni the playback is really slow unless the sample rate is changed again to 96k. Even if I create a project in 44.1k at home I have the same problem.
My soundcard is a Creative Audigy 2ZS platinum pro if this relevant.
Can anyone please shed any light on this for me

So why not switch home’s samplerate? The Audigy card is meant more for gaming, not multi track audio. Are you sure it supports 44.1k? Most didn’t until a driver upgrade a while ago. Again, back to question one.

The only sample rate that will playback at correct speed is 96k. Even if I start a new project and set sample rate to 44.1k in project setup. I’ve just switched the driver from SB Audigy 2 ZS ASIO 24/96 to ASIO DirectX Full Duplex and this has cured the issue with MIDI playback but this driver wont allow me to record audio as it dosn’t recognise the inputs on the breakout box. As far as I know the card supports 44.1k

Make sure the Audigy card itself is switching to 44.1k when you do it via Cubase. The Direct X driver is a generic Cubase one and should be avoided at all costs. Still, seems like a samplerate mis-match.

How can I make sure the card is switching? In project setup th HW sample rate changes according to the driver that is being used the only driver that comes up with HW sample rate of 44.1 is the direct X and yes I agree I don’t want to use that.

You look on the Audigy’s control panel to see what it’s saying the rate is.

Ok I’ve got creative audio console but it dosn’t mention sample rate. I’m running it on vista and a lot of the original budled software dosn’t work with it. Creative sytem info says that it supports 44.1 though

You need to find that info.

Got it ! The driver I was using the creative asio 24/96 was locking the card at 96k. I changed to creative asio and problem solved.
Thanks for your help mashedmitten

Cheers again

Cool, knew it had to be the like.

Cheers man
My locators started doing somthing funny now Hmmm. It now takes two clicks on the skip back button to return to start of song. First click only returns to bar 6. Ah well an extra click’s not too much of a pain at the moment

Aha In my frustration trying to sort out the driver I’d inadvertently dropped a marker at that position. I love being a noob it’s so much fun