Cubase 5 serial dissappeared from USB dongle!!

Hi all, could really do with some help.

I installed Cubase 6 as an upgrade from 5 at the weekend. All fine.

Until i went to load up cubase 5 this morning to keep working until i get 6 all sorted, and it wont load due to usb dongle only saying cubase 6 now!

It has always been possible to use older version of cubase using the same license!!

Any idea show i get 5 back up and running please?

I tryed to load the old Cubase 5 upgrade serial i have when i upgraded from 4 ,on my stick via e licensor, but it wont do it, because it says there is nothing to upgrade from!!!


The Cubase 6 license covers you for ALL previous versions and sub versions of Cubase, this is not your problem, Cubase 5 should work for you as it does for me.

First thing to do in such cases:


Yeah thats what i thought, as i have always just upgraded license before and been able to work on older versions.

Wonder why its saying…

No valid license for this application

bit lost now!

Got it thanks!

Yeah i needed to upgrade my elicensor on the old vista drive, that i was using cubase 5 on.

I had done it for the new w7 drive i put in, but totally forgot to do it for my old vista drive!