Cubase 5 Side-Chaining Issue


I have been struggling online for the past 3 hours after seeing a Sean Divine tutorial on side chaining a delay on a rap vocal. I was trying to make the same effect, specifically, having the delay react to the side-chained compressor so that the delay only activates on the quiet parts. I did everything he explained and everything i found in all the other available tutorials and I can’t make it work. When i do it my side-chained compressor and the effect queued before it in track ( the delay) work permanently and the only thing the treshold in my compressor does it is actually the treshhold of the compressor. So the end result that I get is basically as if I just added another compressor and another delay on my inserts. This drove me mad. Please help :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Now since probably noone knows what tutorial you are referring to, you should start by telling what exactly you have done, with which Plugins.