Cubase 5 - soloed track mutes output

Hi Guys,

Tried searching for an answer to this on the Internet but doesn’t seem to be there. I imagine you’ll work it out in seconds… I’m a beginner at Cubase.

I’ve been doing a mix of a song - have around 13 tracks loaded in total, using inserts and automation.

Every once in a while and so far only on the vocal track (first one on the list), a weird thing happens. All tracks play correctly, but when I solo the vocals, there’s silence. Mixer shows audio is active (bar jumps), but stereo output is muted (as are all the other tracks) . When I unmute the output, all channels play correctly (vocal is unsoloed) . Finally, when I solo the vocal track and another (any), both play correctly.

What am I missing?

have you routed the vocals to an fx track (I do this via the send) if so that may be muted preventing the audio getting to your output. Sometimes I have been caught out also if I have grouped audio tracks to Horns or backing vox etc.