Cubase 5 sounds not working right! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Hey guys, quick question.

I’m running Cubase 5 on my laptop, which is a Dell Vostro 1500 with Windows XP Professional SP3, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB of ram. This is supposedly fairly optimal for this program. However, it seems to be having huge problems with playing lots of sounds at once.

When I have a lot of instruments going at once, it tends to hiccup a lot. It will still be playing, and then stop for a second or so, and then suddenly everything will jumble clumsily back in. Sometimes, it will do this several times in a row. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Today, I started a project that is so far entirely sampled from imported WAV files. It will not even play through it. As before, it doesn’t stop scrolling, but it just plain cuts off in the middle of a sample, and doesn’t even try and catch up. Not even acting like it’s hiccuping, it will just intermittently play or not play the file. It’s incredibly frustrating. At first, I thought that maybe it was because this laptop is from 2008 and it just doesn’t have the juice. But while playing the samples in a loop, I looked at my CPU and ram usage, and they were totally fine. Max CPU usage was 10%, and ram had plenty available consistently. This leads me to believe that it’s something wrong with either Cubase or ASIO, or both, and I have NO idea what to do. Any help or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. I am raring to go on this project. Thanks!!

Correct ASIO driver selected? Raise buffer?