cubase 5 spitting + spluttering from speakers? (solved)

hi people! :frowning: iv got a problem i have recently started a few projects in cubase 5 and now and again or often quite frequent my speakers start making a SPITTING and SPLUTTERING SOUND and BREAKING UP noise i have not got a clue what it is?! my CPU usage when this happens is only anout 9% and my wires to speakers etc arnt crossed although my monitor cables are still glued together as they come as they go into back of pc into sound card but obviously seperated further up as the go into the monitors! if that makes sense?!

please help fellow friends i imagine its simple solution for someone who knows what they are doing :slight_smile:

bowley, Please post your comp specs so we can have a better shot at diagnosing your problem. A wild guess would be your audio setup, but we are not mind readers!! :bulb:

hi my pc spec is

intel r core TM 2 Quad CPU
Q8300 @ 2.50GHZ 2.50GHZ
RAM 3.00GB
32 bit operating system on windows 7

soundcard is M-audio audiophile 2496

thankyou an ideas would be wkd :unamused:

Correct ASIO selected? Increase buffer?

iv just checked the device set up in my cubase and i think you maybe right in this being the problem!

VST System Link
.ASIO input + output not connected and not active. do i need to change this?

also VST Audio System
do i need to select M-audio delta ASIO which is my soundcard.

rather than directX duplex driver which i had selected?


System Link doesn’t apply, leave it alone. Select the M-Audio driver.

thankyou so very much iv had a play on cubase for a few hours and problem seems to have stopped :slight_smile: thanking you so very much!

Always use the ASIO drivers that come with your soundcard. DirectX and other nonsense aren’t real ASIO drivers. They pretty much always cause problems like the one you described. The alternative is using ASIO4all drivers, they’re the only ‘generic’ ASIO drivers that are actually usable.