Cubase 5 studio upgrades to 10.5

Hello, Im new to the forum and just have a question regarding my old Cubase 5 studio discs and dongle/e-license which I haven’t actually used for some years.

I am starting to produce once again and I would basically like to purchase an upgrade to version 10.5 but do not have an option to choose my old cubase 5 from the drop down menu when choosing my upgrade.

Could somebody please let me know my upgrade options with prices please, I would like to either upgrade to Artist 10.5 or Pro 10.5.

The discount prices I mean when upgrading from cubase studio 5.


Thanks for the great content sir. i will also share with my friends & once again thanks a lot

Im in the same situaion. A while back, I bought Cubase Studio 5 as an upgrade from Cubase Essential 5. Yesterday I decided to buy the upgrade path to Cubase Elements 10.5 from my old Cubase Essential 5. Now the E license is alerting me that I don’t have any eligible upgrades. I think its because I upgraded to Cubase Studio already? :frowning: :unamused:

FYI the only path from Cubase Studio 5 is to Cubase Artist at a hefty 278 bucks

Yes, your Essential 5 license was replaced with Studio 5. That’s the way upgrades work. You can’t keep what you are “trading in”.

Here in the US it’s a $110 discount to upgrade to Artist 10.5 from Studio 5. Not a bad deal, really, for a 10 year old software.