Cubase 5 sysex data dump

Hi all, can anyone advise me on how to perform a correct FULL sysex data dump from my Roland JV-2080 to cubase 5. The battery on the JV is dying so I would like to transfer all the data before I change the battery. Please excuse my ignorant’s as I haven’t used the equipment for 5 years. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Regards Alan.

Hi and welcome,

What I would do is following:

  1. In Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, make sure, SysEx is not enabled in the Record column.
  2. Make a new project, add a MIDI track.
  3. Enable record on the MIDI Track, and hit record.
  4. Trigger Bulk Dump on your JV-2080, and keep recording in Cubase.
  5. Once all data of your JV-2080 are out, stop Record in Cubase.
  6. Save the project. :wink: