Cubase 5 Tempo Mapping

Hey guys can I ask Cubase 5 to build a tempo map from an audio file?
Imagine a 4 minutes song, can I select it then ask Cubase to build a tempo map in tempo track?
If not, how could I make my project follows that song tempo(with all its variations and not only a fixed tempo).

I would suggest using the Time Warp Tabs in Cubase 5. I first set the project Tempo Track to the general tempo of the song. Then I would go through and adjust the downbeat of each bar (or every 4 or 8 bars) to match up with the material. I hope this is helpful.

Thanks but I don’t want to set each bar of a 4 minutes(or longer) song manually, I asked if there’s a way to make cubase do that.

In Cubase 7.5, you can use Tempo Detection. The trial of 7.5 is available from

I asked for Cubase 5 :wink:

No, you can’t.