Cubase 5 to 6 upgrade & windows xp pro

I’m waiting on my upgrade from cubase 5 to 6 cd to arrive, and I have a question regarding Windows xp pro. I realize that Windows xp pro isn’t officially supported by cubase 6, but have been told by many that it should work with no issues.

I currently am using sevice pack 2 with my xp pro. This is an audio only computer, and because of that, I haven’t downloaded any windows updates since I started using this pc, aprox. 4 years ago.

I checked on line for updates for windows xp pro, and the only ones I saw were for service pack 3. Should I download service pack 3 and any updates for xp pro and install them on my audio computer before installing the Cubase 6 upgrade?, and if so, is it possible to download said xp updates, and NOT have them somehow automatically install on my internet computer, which is on windows 7 ? I thought perhaps I could copy them onto a flash drive first, then load that into my audio computer.


The only thing I had to update on my XP Pro DAW which is still on SP1 was netframe to run Cubase4, and I did d/l it from another computer and manually transferred it over.

The DAW has never been on the Internet.

I don’t know what the requirements are for C6 but I imagine it is similar to C5 so you may not even have to do any updating.

You probably would be okay to install SP3, but I would suggest imaging that drive first to be safe in case something screws up.

I don’t have a link to manually d/l specific updates but I’m sure they are available as I got them that way.