cubase 5 to cubase 6 upgrade

I’ve purchased the above upgrade. Since I’m still using windows xp pro (which I understand isn’t supported, but will still work), will I still be able to launch cubase 5 separtately,(just in case I have problems with cubase 6)?


Yes, both can be installed at the same time, and your cubase 6 license also lets you run cubase 5.

Until you are comfortable and confident with 6, I would use copies of your projects there. Once opened/saved in 6, I (being paranoid as i am) would not count on being able to reopen back in 5

Good to know, thanks. I mainly was worried that since this is going to be an upgrade to cubase 6, instead of a full install, that the upgrade would “over ride” cubase 5, and I would be left with ONLY cubase 6 .

No, it’s just the license that gets overridden, not the actual program.