Cubase 5 to Cubase 8.5

I searched but could not find any answer to my question…I hope it wasn’t already dealt with.

I recently upgraded from CB5 to CB8, and wanted to complete some of my CB5 projects in CB8 to take advantage of some of its features and plugins. I was able to manage the 32-bit vs 64-bit VSTs by just replacing. However, when I save the new CB8 project, it still has a CB5 file type. It means that if I double click on the new file, it tries to open in CB5, but of course this won’t work with the 64-bit VSTs that I added.

Will I be able to save as CB8 only when I eventually remove CB5? Currently, I need it for reference.


All versions of Cubase from Cubase SX 1 to Cubase Pro 8.5 use the same file type for the project files (.cpr).

You seem to be using Windows. To open the projects in 8.5, right click the project file and click properties. This will allow you to change which program will be used to open the file by default.

Thank you for the reply.
I am aware of the right click, as well as opening CB8 first and then open file. My question was more to do with the double click opening of the file. Why does it default to CB5 after I edit and save from CB8?

cpr is really the extension, but there is another file attribute called file type.


It’s not just right click, you have to right click and then click properties. If you setup the file association correctly, it will look like this:

Try clicking “Change…” here if it says Cubase 5 instead of Cubase 8.