Cubase 5 Trial Version still available?

I’m wondering if it is still possible to download a trial version of Cubase 5. I’ve been using cubase 4 essential for years now but the track limit is hindering my productions. I’ve found someone who is selling a version of cubase 5 but wanted to try the trial version before I bought it. The reason I am after Cubase 5 is cos the mac I use only has Snow Leopard on it so later Cubase versions won’t install on it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or is it not possible to get a trial version of Cubase 5 anymore?


(my worthless chime in)…

If it’s not on their site, I doubt it, though it doesn’t hurt to ask Steinberg’s support team while you hold your breath.

Curious…you don’t have to reveal ‘who’ or ‘where’ it’s being sold, but how much this version of Cubase 5 selling for? Chances are you’ll have to buy it to try it. You can always resell it I suppose.

I tend to agree with your idea & mind set of just finding a legacy Cubase version that works with your existing computer, as long as it’s adequate.

Personally, I think it would be a good idea if Steinberg sold legacy versions (at a ‘low’ price) directly from their site, maybe as a download only option, stating to not expect any ‘support’ for it. I don’t know what the solution for a license/dongle would be, I guess they could make you purchase a hardware dongle somewhere/anywhere on-line, and then download the appropriate license. Then they can then try to ‘entice’ people to purchase the latest & greatest version. They ‘already’ do a similar thing with free OEM & lite versions :bulb: