Cubase 5 : Unable to get output on focusrite solo

My system was running perfectly fine but when i open cubase 5 after around 2 weeks i was unable to have output on it then i reinstall the windows .and somebody asked me to unplug every thing then plug it again and try .but still i am unable to fix this . i have checked all the setting ,everything shows perfectly fine . but still i am unable to have output on FOcusrite and i can have a output on asio but not on focusrite although it is running fine .
Anyone can help me out with this ?

How would anyone help you?

You’ve given no information.

Your basic information should be in your signature.

Then you post screen shots of all the settings you’ve made and of VSTconnections and what driver you’re using etc.

Lot of times once you compile all the information you need to ask a proper question you’ll see the answer yourself.

VSTaudio is where you select your sound system and VSTconnections is where you connect the sound system to Cubase. That’s where I would look for problems to start with.