Cubase 5 Update Blizzards

Hello Steinberg’s

I have Installed the updates to make my joy more powerfull, about primarily for the chalenge it makes to enlight the program for better, at least to solve a problem happening after some pulses working on the track annoying the sound card driver. Fool!

This problem have showed as related to The Cubase audio proccess not working properly on my sound drivers, first it stopped to proccess the sounds including in the sound wave encoding, therefore it has increased the time to encode the file. something about max of 2 minutes, to 10 minutes.

It’s very clank to convert my previously working sound assets.

It has happened after a next step additional plug-in VST melodrama, fully working asset, primarily. Just a melody. What it have with what is this, or which right to stop it? Ich happens, but ich not.
I want to know at what point Cubase 5 Supports plug-ins from the working right originals to main-strains?!

Actually the problem has not estabilished with the plug-in, within or with out it turn the problem to down off the sound on the playing structure fully compilant of Cubase 5.

:::It indicates Asio Cache Overloads, nothing is overloading than before working normally. It Clips on Full duplex selection on Cubase Device Setup. It clips hasnt’ happened In the seqüence not proccessing before. This “nothing” on ASIO and DirectX Full Duplex down and clips, turning out the sound; abnormally.

It seem as a DirectX Full Duplex Problem not encountered and a Groove Agent Beating Overload with another something plug-in. I haven’t found a solution even re-installing it.

With the Update 5.5.0 and 5.5.3 the Problem has fixed, but the sound has decreased. The Interface is just another part not most liked. But maybe ok if I make from the start.

I have uninstalled the update and it gave me some anomalies like interface and zooming not working properly. Even uninstalling all the program again. Something on the interface has changed. I’m not talking about the Settings, for sure. I don’t want to update making happy to loose it. I don’t want my track unamped! I have uninstalled it several times because of this overload to keep with the 5.0.1 Version. I have a lot to learn of this, I’m on the first Logical Enthusiasm about this, but It’s not helping to continue on this what I have started. “The update”

Whatever, I’m satisfied with the retail version if it was not these problems.

I have solved the problem re-installing it from zero, I haven’t lost my work, for thang god! but some problems still pulses about my choices, It not make me happy all the time, but is very expasive, working fully to the time. I like it. I’m satisfied and I hope I find the solutions and use the updates without loose my work too.


Literal translation?

Yes, a better translation would help.

Reminds me of a band I just saw where they took the words to a song and ran it through several translators and then back to english
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May you’re not a member from the steinberg Team to speak more. What I have said is very clearyfull in english.

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