cubase 5 update or not? (solved)

i have cubase 5 which i brought around a year ago and havent updated since, but unsure of which version i have so is there a way of finding out and is it worth me updating to this final update release which is at the top of the page? would this affect a project which i am working on at this present time my installing the update? thank you

Does it not say which version it is on the bootup splash screen? or goto About (far right menu at the bottom)

Usually best to have the latest version although some here would say the second last C5 version is better!!! You will still be able to run the lesser versions projects.

ok thank you very much for that i will update now :slight_smile:

do i need to install 5.5.0 before i can install 5.5.3 sorry to be a pain. thanks again

Don’t know, but wouldn’t have thought so.

Simply having read the thread you referred to, would have answered your question already…

Here is the update link from SB. It explains prerequisites.

ok thank you for your help peoples :slight_smile: