Cubase .5 upgrade for v12

hi, I just have simple question, I am wondering if there is likely going to be a .5 upgrade for cubase 12, or if they are going to go straight to 13. just wondering because it has been about year since 12 released. I upgraded to 12 from 11.5 and shelved out the price for it because I did not have a copy of 11.5 from after the grace period so the upgrade was paid.

I’m a little hopeful they will have a .5 upgrade to 12 before 13 comes out. :slight_smile:

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Last I saw/heard, they aren’t doing .5s anymore.

Usually, patches of each major version don’t go passed .05, which means, Cubase 13 is going to be out soon… or in this new paradigm, they are now going to passed the historical .05 ceiling and we’ll see a .06, .07. etc.

Honestly, I’m good with it either way. One way, we get Cubase 13 likely sooner, the other way, we get a more patched current version/

You won’t know until they tell you and they won’t tell you in advance.

C12 only has been out for 8 months or so, and there are still many bugs unfixed. I’d prefer them to release a few more maintenance updates before a new major release. Whether that is a .5 or a .0 I don’t really care.

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There were statements from Steinberg staff suggesting that there will be no version 12.5. I am expecting Cubase 13. However, nobody knows which release date they are aiming at.

i was hoping for a 12.5 as so many vst companies still dont support vst3 … inmusic companies are worst for this and wont even reply when asked.

It sounds like this question is ‘budget driven’. It might become a ‘hot thread’ however.

What’s the difference between 12.5 and 13? Who cares …
I read that quite a few people prefer a more stable/less bugs Cubase. New features could be nice but the whole Cubase experience can improve. I mean become less painful, at least for some of us.

Cubase releases are typically on Wednesdays… Next Wednesday is 5 April.


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