Cubase 5 upgrade to 6 activation code problem

Hi, Just bought the upgrade version of Cubase 6 and tried to activate the software by using eLCC. Here are my steps.

  1. Start the eLCC and press “Enter activation code” button
  2. type the code based on the sheet provided by the package
  3. eLCC shown that “Cubase 6 upgrade for Cubase 4… upgrade for Cubase 5 … etc …” and I pressed continue.
  4. In the select livense to upgrade screen, the “upgrade license” button was dimmed. Only cancel button can be pressed.

I tried to do the same thing in another PC still … problem still there. Then I type the activation code of Grand 3 SE Trail, I could see the upgrade license button. What’s wrong with the code of Cubase 6?

Don’t you use the activation code to register at MySteinberg and use the # generated there in eLicenser?

Hi mashedmitten,

Thanks for your reply. This is the very first time I use the act code for the upgrade product so pls bear with me.

I tried your instruction and got back to MySteinberg -> product registration


Please enter your USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key number or your Soft-eLicenser number. The 12 or 13-character USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key number or the 20-character Soft-eLicenser number is displayed in the License Control Center.

All licensed products which are assigned to your USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key or Soft-eLicenser will be automatically registered for you.


Then what number should I enter? I only got a sheet of paper of the act’ code.

Pls help.

let me clarify one thing.

I should use the eLCC to enter the act-code and then the Steinberg server will do the authentication ? After that, I need to go back to MySteinberg to reg the product. Am I right?

Also, how can I contact Steinberg support via email? Thanks!

hello, pls help. Or pls let me know the support email address.

You know buying a product but can’t use is a real pain.

okay, I called the local reseller…

Mine version is Cubase 5 studio and the upgrade version will not work for it. It only work for Cubase 5.