Cubase 5 user having problems with Distributor to upgrade

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I’m a registered user for Cubase 5 Advance Music Production System. I received an email from Steinberg saying this month (July) there are offers to save on upgrades to 6.5 so I decided to get more info ( nothing wrong right?) . But the PROBLEM is their page refers to me to my local Distributor ( in Costa Rica ) which is very hard to contact and after days I finally contact them only to get the reply they will charge me $500+ for the Cubase 6, Please note that is the purchase of the product… not the upgrade… not saying I want an upgrade for free…, but it is the same price they will charge to any new user … I am wrong or this is normal to charge for a previous user? How can I contact steinberg to buy the upgrade from them? cause if that’s the only way I have … then I will prefer to wait for version 7. Thanks in advance for all the help.!!

Try this. Make your upgrade choice on the left side.

To the best of my knowledge, the upgrade offers can only be honored online. I don’t think retail distrbutors honor the same.

thanks Suprawill1

It seems it won’t allow me to upgrade online… the page directs me to " Go to your local distributor." I bought my 5.0 on , I tried to see if they have upgrades but no luck either… so pretty much I think you are right… so I think I better wait for the v7 ( if it comes) and then I may go for it… but I feel dissapointed about Steinberg’s upgrade policy or lack of…

Thanks again Suprawill1.

of course if you have more ideas… .are really wellcome.

Even if you decide to wait for CB7, there should be an upgrade price for that also! I would contact Steinberg about this. Either way, you should have that discount. This upgrade offer is not a limited time offer. Upgrades are always cheaper than buying outright.