Cubase 5 - Video black screen 2nd monitor

Hello, I’m currently working in Cubase 5, and I’ve run into a problem with video.

On my main monitor which is a BenQ 24" I do all of my composing, recently I needed to import a video to compose music to and I wanted to have the video in full screen on my 2nd monitor, a 40" LCD TV, so I decided to just drag the video window over to that monitor but then the video just goes black. I drag it back and forth between the monitors and the video comes back on my 24" monitor, goes black on my 40" TV.

Outside of Cubase I watch movies on my 40" TV. I watch streams and YouTube videos with no issues. I’m always able to just drag any window between the two monitors.

Anybody know a fix for this?

Thank you in advance!

Hi and welcome,

In Cubase 5 the video engine was using Quick Time. Make sure, you have the latest Quick Time Player installed, please.

Latest version installed. Doesn’t work anyway. I also fail to see why the video works on one monitor, but not the other.