Cubase 5-Vocals question

Hello guys!I use Cubase 5 and i would like to ask something that may be stupid :stuck_out_tongue: Can you record vocals and play them with your MIDI keyboard and how?Something like sample.I was trying to find some Gospel choir but none of the VST i used was realistic.(I know i can just pre-record vocals and play them this way with my band but i want to know if i can record them and play them from my MIDI keyboard).Thank you a lot in advance :slight_smile:

My friends band did this 30 years ago, they recorded the vocal part(s) into a hardware sampler/player, triggered them via a midi keyboard ‘live’.

You should be able to do the same thing with any software based sampler/player within a DAW, and trigger that via a midi keyboard just like using any VSTi.

Ok I found a VST called Shortcircuit!Thank you a lot for your answer! :slight_smile:

Cool, I’ve never heard of Shortcut, so had a look…

I couldn’t find any info about how long the duration of a sample or phrase can be used in it, but I’d have to assume that in this day and age, that would not be an issue…my friends band that had done this so many years ago in a hardware sampler, used a simple soft spoken phrase of …“Heart beat”. And some software samplers that I had tried maybe nearly a decade ago, could do phrases much longer than that.