Cubase 5 vs MacBook Pro 2016

Hey guys,

I’m about to buy new MacBook Pro, but I’m addicted to Cubase 5 (at least 6.5).

I heard there is a lot of problems with running those apps on latest versions of MacBook?

For those, who gonna say “buy cubase 9” : I have it, but don’t really love it, for me it’s about fast work, so I really want to stay at v5 with new macbook… is it possible?

If you look up any professional Cubase user on YouTube you’ll see that pretty much all of them use Cubase Pro 8 or newer, for good reasons. If you want “fast work” then don’t waste your time trying to make this ancient version work and instead focus on adapting to and learning the current version, which is many times faster at anything you can think of, not to mention much less buggy.

Any version released more than 5 years ago will have additional bugs and issues running on newer OSes because of the changes made by Apple and Microsoft in each update, on top of looking extremely ugly because they weren’t made with your MacBook’s retina display in mind.

What do you like more about Cubase 5?

Thanks for the answers guys!

agree with everybody, new cubase is way better than old versions, but it also about spending time to learn and make music while you learn,

time and quality is super important now, im gonna buy macbook and try to learn/produce on the road, so will try to get used to it asap

Can you anyone tell me the cubase 5 storage and can i use Cubase 5 in lenova laptop