Cubase 5 VST effects vs Waves Renaissance Maxx

I have Cubase 5 and I´m quite happy with the plugins that came with the program. I´ve also heard good things about the Waves plugins. The aforementioned Waves Renaissance Bundle includes pretty much the same effects than Cubase so I was wondering if it´s worth to buy if I already have Cubase 5. I could get it for 250€ from Thomann so it´s quite affordable. Are the Waves plugins that much better?

Yes they are. But there are others that are very good too for less money and even for free. There are also many more expensive that are very good. Most have trial versions so you can see if they work for you.

some to look at

Antress modern (free)
the glue
blue tubes
IK Multimedia

If you can get the Ren Maxx Bundle for a good price its absolutely worth it.

Thank you very much for the links! I will look them through. The problem with the free plugins is that usually they make them only for pc and I have a mac. Do any of you happen to know good free plugins for mac?

Aloha Balalaikka,

Some of these links may be dead by now and some of these plugs may not work with your machine. But it is a good start and they are all free. These not just reverbs but other plugs as well. —enjoi (tanx to weasel)

If you warp back to the old forum (I remember when it was the new forum) and do a search for ‘weasel’ there is a thread called ‘A Cute Trick’. In that thread weasel gives up some links to much kooler, newer free mac plugs and I must say for free, some of these are 'KILLER".

Happy hunting.